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Provident Oaks Neighborhood property values are protected by recorded Covenants. A copy of the Protective Covenants is available on this website. These Covenants prohibit placing signs in the Neighborhood that have not been approved by the Architectural Control Authority.


Property owners, their authorized representatives, Licensed Residential Homebuilding Contractors and Licensed Real Estate Agents under contract with Provident Oaks property owners can obtain an approved sign for display by ordering it through the website administrator.




Please fill out the online form below and submit it.


The website administrator will acknowledge receipt of your order and send an invoice.


When the website administrator receives payment, a proof of your sign will be emailed to you for your review and correction/approval. Upon final approval, the sign will be produced and delivered to the orderer typically within 72 hours. Examples are provided below.


Note to Licensed Real Estate Agencies and Licensed Residential Homebuilding Contractors: At your request the website administrator will have your logo included on the sign. Please email a print-resolution graphics file to the following address:    


For any other questions, please use the contact form below. We will respond to you soon.

Provident Oaks Neighborhood Logo

Ordering Signs

Current Pricing
Provident Oaks For Sale Sign and Frame     $125.00
Sign Only (Orderer has Approved Frame)    $85.00

Example of Realtor Sign

Example of Homeowner Sign

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Form below

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A Larkin Development Corporation

Residential Neighborhood

(318) 208-2300


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